First urban agriculture book published in the Sinhala language

Sinhala is the mother tongue of the Sinhalese people, who make up the largest ethnic group in Sri Lanka, numbering about 15 million.

Pawele Arthikaya Nangwana Nagarika Krushikarmaya means 'Urban Agriculture that Improves Family Economy'
Pawele Arthikaya Nangwana Nagarika Krushikarmaya
Pawele Arthikaya Nangwana Nagarika Krushikarmaya
By Dr. Thilak T. Ranasinghe
e-mail: thithura@sltnet.lk
272 pages with pictures and line drawings.

Forward by Thusitha Malalasekera Veteran Science Writer-cum-Health Communicator

The author trusts that the book fills very much needed gap in Sinhala Agricultural literature which paves the way to an active lifestyle change by guiding people for urban agriculture (UA) while observing the concept of the Family Business Garden (FBG). By so doing, the book fulfils one of the national needs in the country.


  1. History of urban agriculture
  2. Identification of urban agriculture
  3. Geography of urban agriculture
  4. Economics of urban agriculture
  5. Health & environment friendliness of urban agriculture
  6. Socio-political-policy profile of urban agriculture
  7. Urban agriculture and the concept of the Family Business Garden
  8. Winning limited space in developing Family Business Garden
  9. Vertical-Live-Cultivation-Structures that decorate Family Business Garden
  10. Transforming youth involvements with Family Business Garden
  11. Sri Lankan urban agriculture in front of Family Business Garden: Yesterday – Today Tomorrow

The Author
Dr. Thilak T. Ranasinghe, the pioneer of the practice of Urban Agriculture (UA) in Sri Lanka, is considered one of the foremost agricultural extension specialists in Sri Lanka. More than 30 years of successful and practical professional experience in rural, peri-urban and urban extension work has made him a top-level manager as well as a popular and influential writer in the field of development science. He took early retirement from Government service after working as the Director of Agriculture, Western Province, Sri Lanka. Later he worked as an Advisor in Livelihood Improvement Project of the Japan International Corporation Agency for three years.

Dr. Ranasinghe earned his B.Sc. in Agriculture with Second Class Upper Division honors from the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka in 1976, M.Sc. in Agricultural Extension from University Of Reading, UK in 1984 and read for the PhD. in Agricultural Policy and Management at the University of Manchester, UK in 1997. Dr. Ranasinghe has published a considerable number of research papers in national and international journals, made several extension research presentations and edited the Handbook on Crop Suitability of the Western Sri Lanka in 2000. He authored the widely circulated Manual of Low/No-Space Agriculture-cum-Family Business Gardens in 2009.

Pawule Arthikaya Nanwana Nagarika Krushikarmaya ISBN 978-955-30-3782-4
272 pages

Published by Godage Book Publishers,
E-mail: godageem@slt.lk
Web: www.godage.com

Pawele Arthikaya Nangwana Nagarika Krushikarmaya Pawele Arthikaya Nangwana Nagarika Krushikarmaya